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Player Support Funding

The club was founded to give an opportunity to children and young persons to play organised football in a secure safe environment, and on the principle that none shall be denied that opportunity because their parents or guardians cannot afford the financial cost of their subscription.

  1. In recent years more parents or guardians have found it difficult to cope with the rising costs of subscriptions and have sought reduced rates of subscription to enable their child to play for Ware Youth FC. This has been particularly true for players with siblings who also play for the club.

  2. The parent or guardian of the player should formally apply for assistance using the application form, recording the name and team of the player, name and contact details of the parent or guardian and the reasons for seeking assistance. The application form should record whether the player has siblings playing for the club, and state the amount of assistance requested e.g. discount from the annual subscription.

  3. The application should be initially submitted to the Club Welfare Officer (details in the About section of the club website).

  4. The decision on whether to award assistance will be made by a committee of a minimum 3 persons, chaired by the Vice-Chair of the club and including the Club Welfare Officer and one other committee member. The decision of the committee is final

  5. To give complete confidentiality to the applicant and comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, a hard copy record shall be kept by the Club Welfare Officer of the decisions of the committee but not disclosed to any member or officer of the club other than members of the panel. The name of the applicant will be provided to the club Treasurer to enable a reconciliation of the subscription received. No names shall appear in any reports to the club management or executive committees, only a summary of the sums awarded that are transferred into the main club account and the number of cases dealt with each season. Sources of income should also be anonymous under the headings of individuals/organisations/club funds.

  6. A new application must be made each season if the applicant wishes to continue receiving financial support.

Player Support Application Form

If you have any questions about the scheme, please contact

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