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All committee members are volunteers and we are always looking for new members. There are also coaches for every team who volunteer significant time to manage, coach and mentor their teams. Without these dedicated coaches the club could not provide football for the number of children it currently does


The club is a volunteer led club and always welcomes new team members. There are many ways you can help the club aside from being a committee member or a coach. For more information on volunteering, click here.        


Chairman -  Dan Slattery

The Chair of the Club provides leadership and direction for the club by overseeing the work of the Club Committee and being an advocate of the football club in the local community.




Vice-Chair & Official Club Kit & Equipment - Dean Cornish

To support the Chairperson and deputise in their absent. Also, to procure and maintain the kit and equipment for the club. Supporting the club’s identity through standardisation.



Treasurer - Adam Tackley

The treasurer must be well organised, able to keep records, careful when handling money, honest, able to answer questions in meetings, confident handling figures, prepared to take decisions when necessary.




Club Secretary - Sue Thomas

Principal administrator for the club. The Club Secretary carries out, or delegates, all the admin duties that enable the club to function effectively. Also, to coordinate the registration of all players, ensuring the correct paperwork is processed and all fees are paid.



Club Welfare Officer -

Kris Endersbee/

Hayley Attwood

The main purpose of this role is managing and reporting concerns of children and for putting into place procedures to safeguard children in the club. Also, to ensure compliance of all coaches and committee members.



Social Media, Advertising & Design - Laura Slattery

Ensure the promotion of the club’s activities and events are promoted and executed smoothly. Over see's the website, projects in product design, advertising and marketing. 



Youth Co-ordinator -
James Morris

The youth coordinator will be a pivotal role for all Saturday youth teams. A main point of contact for all Saturday coaches to ensure full support is provided when required.


Grant Administrator -
Matt Maskell

Supports in the application of financial grants and manages the development of the car park.

Tournament Lead -

Marina Murphy

Plan and execute the smooth running of the club’s summer tournament.


Non Committee Roles

Facilities Coordinator
To maintain the club grounds and ensure all aspects of safety are kept to a high standard.

Club Cleaner
To maintain the club grounds and ensure all aspects of safety are kept to a high standard.

Team Manager
To manage and develop players within the team.

Assistant Manager
To support the Team Manager in the management and development of the players within the team.

Clubhouse Manager
Ensure the kitchen operations run smoothly and the club are receiving value for money.

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